Student Academic Success Center (SASC) 

Student Academic Success Center (SASC) 

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From the SASC website:

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers opportunities to help students maximize their learning in all of their courses, no matter the mode of delivery. Members of our professional staff are available for general consultations to get you connected with the appropriate resources. Use this form to answer a few questions and schedule a Zoom meeting to get started. For more questions or assistance contact us via phone 412-268-4787 or email.

  • Academic Coaching
  • Subject-specific Tutoring
  • Study Partners
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • Language and Cross-cultural Support

Our campus workshops are interactive sessions and appropriate for students at all levels of study, in the sciences and humanities. Check our calendar of events.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts are a series of study skills pamphlets on a variety of issues related to academic success. They cover such general areas as plagiarism, study strategies and stress management. Listed below are brief descriptions of each pamphlet. Below each description is a link to view or download a PDF version of the pamphlet.

Download the pamphlets here:

Topics available include:

Combating Procrastination
Group Study: Making It Work For You
Managing Your Time
Time Management
Fighting Test Anxiety
How to Succeed in Physics
If you suspect that you have a Learning Disability
Your Role as a Partner in Learning
Setting and Reaching Academic Goals
Preparing your Study Space
Taking Lecture Notes
Textbook Reading Strategies
Successful Exam Strategies
Preparing for Exams
How to Succeed in Calculus
How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry
How to Successfully Manage CS Programming