Leadership & METALS Faculty


Kenneth R. Koedinger

METALS Program Director
Director, Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (PSLC)
Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Psychology
Website: http://pact.cs.cmu.edu/koedinger.html


  • 05-823 E-Learning Design Principles (Fall)
  • 05-681 METALS Project 1 (Spring)
  • 05-682 METALS Project 2 (Summer)
  • 11-910 Directed Research (Fall/ Spring)
  • 11-920 Independent Study: Breadth (Spring)
  • 11-925 Independent Study: Area (Spring)
  • 11-929 Master Thesis II (Spring)
Ken Koedinger

Michael Bett

METALS Managing Director
LearnLab Managing Director

Lorraine Li-Hagerty

METALS Academic Program Manager

Mary Kate Noonan

METALS Administrative Coordinator

Our METALS Faculty

Vincent Aleven

Director of the Undergraduate Program, Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./aleven/


    • 05-432/ 05-832 Personalized Online Learning (Fall)
    • 05-571 Undergraduate Project in HCI (Spring)
    • 11-910 Directed Research (Fall/ Spring)
    • 11-930 Dissertation Research (Fall/ Spring)

Paulo Carvalho

Systems Scientist / Special Faculty
Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: http://www.paulocarvalho.me/


  • 05-823 E-Learning Design Principles (Fall)
  • 05-681 METALS Project 1 (Spring)
  • 05-682 METALS Project 2 (Summer)

Sharon Carver

Professor, Psychology

Website: http://www.psy.cmu.edu/faculty/carver/


  • 85-484 Practicum in Child Development (Fall /Spring)
  • 66-501 H&SS Senior Honors Thesis I (Fall)
  • 66-502 H&SS Senior Honors Thesis II (Spring)

Erik Harpstead

Systems Scientist

Website: http://www.erikharpstead.net/


  • 05-818 Design of Educational Games

Lauren Herckis

Simon Initiative Library Faculty
Affiliated Researcher, Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: https://hcii.cmu.edu/people/lauren-herckis


  • 49-717 Special Topics: Digital Ethnography
  • 05-738 Evidence-based Educational Design (Fall)
  • 49-745 Technology and Society
Lauren Herckis

Marti Louw

Assistant Dean for Curriculum, IDeATe/Director,
Learning Media Design Center,
Human-Computer Interaction Institute


    • 05-691 Learning Media Design (Fall)
    • 05-692 Learning in Museums (Spring)

Marsha Lovett

Teaching Professor, Psychology

Website: http://www.psy.cmu.edu/people/lovett.html


    • 85-715 Graduate Research Methods (Spring)

Bruce McLaren

Associate Research Professor
Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./bmclaren/


    • 05-681 METALS Capstone Project I (Spring)
    • 05-682 METALS Capstone Project II (Summer)

Amy Ogan

Assistant Professor
Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: http://amyogan.com/


    • 05-838 Role of Technology in Learning in the 21st Century

Carolyn Penstein Rosé

Associate Professor, Language Technologies Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cprose/


    • 05-434/ 11-344 Machine Learning in Practice (Fall/ Spring)
    • 05-834/ 11-663 Applied Machine Learning (Fall/ Spring)
    • 05-899 Special Topics in HCI: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (Fall/ Spring)
    • 11-690 MIIS Directed Study (Spring)
    • 11-719 Computational Models of Discourse Analysis (Spring)
    • 11-726 Meaning in Language Lab (Self Paced) (Spring)
    • 11-910 Directed Research (Spring)
    • 11-920 Independent Study (Spring)
    • 11-925 Independent Study: Area (Spring)
    • 11-928 Master Thesis I (Fall)
    • 11-929 Master Thesis II (Spring)
    • 11-930 Dissertation Research (Spring)

John Stamper

Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Technical Director, Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center Datashop

Website: http://dev.stamper.org/


    • 05681 METALS Project I (Spring)
    • 05682 METALS Project 2 (Summer)
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