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Download this pamphlet to understand what it is and what the consequences can be. It is different in the US than many other cultures around the world. When in doubt, cite the source.

Advice for Incoming Students who are Nonnative English Speakers

Not a native speaker? Carnegie Mellon has advice for you  including: Tips for Strengthening Academic Fluency Understanding Your Current Command of Academic Communication Skills The Student Academic Success Center also has a variety of language training workshops and seminars available for free to help you improve your fluency and comprehension.

Resources for EdTech Best Practices

Eberly Center @ Carnegie Mellon University The Eberly Center provides a wealth of resources largely based on research from the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center on how to put learning science research into practice. You find guidelines and examples ranging from how to properly create learning objectives and rubrics to how create a syllabus. …

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How to Read a Research Paper

You’ll be reading many research papers over the next 12 months and maybe this is something that you haven’t done before. Fortunately, there are  techniques to reading a research paper so that you’ll get the most out of your reading.   Keep your notes on the paper in an electronic form so you can track what …

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