How to Take Unapproved Electives

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If you want to take courses that are not in the approved METALS elective list, you must email Jo and me:

  • Course Number and Title 
  • Course Description
  • Course Syllabus (if available)
  • Reason you want to take this course; how it relates to learning science and your career plan

Jo and I will check with Ken and let you know if the course is approved or not. Taking unapproved electives will not count towards your degree.

To graduate, keep in mind that:

  • you need to fulfill your distribution requirement for your electives. 
  • All courses must be at the graduate level (XX600 or higher to count). 
  • 6 unit courses count as 1/2 of a course. 9 unit or more courses count as a full course.
  • taking undergraduate courses will not count towards your degree.
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