How to Take Unapproved Electives

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If you want to take courses that are not in the approved METALS elective list, you must email Jo Bodnar and Michael Bett:

  • Course Number and Title 
  • Course Description
  • Course Syllabus (if available)
  • Reason you want to take this course; how it relates to learning science and your career plan

We will check with Ken and let you know if the course is approved or not. Taking unapproved electives will not count towards your degree.

To graduate, keep in mind that:

  • you need to fulfill your distribution requirement for your electives. 
  • All courses must be at the graduate level (XX600 or higher to count). 
  • 6 unit courses count as 1/2 of a course. 9 unit or more courses count as a full course.
  • taking undergraduate courses will not count towards your degree.
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