The idea for Quiz-Off was initially spawned during one of our user tests toward the end of spring semester. Part of these user interviews included a portion intended to gauge the user’s mobile phone usage, including what existing applications they frequently interacted with. While we found that the majority of the interviewed users played at least one form of mobile game, we hadn’t originally thought to capitalize on this behavior. That was until a particular user interview, when the participant said:

“I play games on my phone all the time, I’d say I’m a fairly competitive person..”

This sparked a deeper discussion about their mobile game play habits, which led us to the realization that the students would make use of an educational mobile game.

Mobile games have been dominating the entertainment industry for the past several years. It seems everyone with a smartphone has at least one game they occasionally play on their phone. With Quiz-Off, users can satisfy their urge to have fun playing a mobile game, while also incorporating valuable study time! Quiz-Off is a mobile game where students face off against one another in a one vs. one trivia-style game. The content for the game comes directly from the student’s current progress from the course(s) they’re currently enrolled in. They’ll always have someone to play against too, as Quiz-Off uses an advanced AI, disguised as a human player, when no real players are available.