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Slice Consulting teamed up with Western Governors University to develop a mobile application intended for on-the-go learning!

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A team of four masters students from Carnegie Mellon Unviersity partnered with Western Governors University to envision and develop a mobile application to deliver bite-sized learning. We embarked on a strongly user-driven end-to-end research, design, and development process which was culminated in the creation of Learning Snacks.

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Meet the Team

Shailja Relwani


Steven Moore

Team Lead

David Hwang


Samyak Shah

User Researcher




In the end, we were able to implement the core functionality of Learning Snacks. The user could answer questions pulled from our API endpoints. Questions were displayed in a responsive manner, complete with a hint option and tailored feedback. The user could even favorite questions for viewing at a later time. Our favorite part was the simplified version of knowledge tracing we were able to incorporate into the app, all while workig completely offline!

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